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For Lehi

Question: Why are you running for City Council and what do you see as the top challenge facing Lehi?

"I am running for city council because of my love for the city and the opportunities that Lehi is facing for the future.  Lehi has always been a crossroads of many people, we are now at a crossroads for our city.  I believe the potential for Lehi remains high and providing a great place for all citizens to live and raise our families is important.  Our top challenge is the growth that we are experiencing.  Growth encompasses many areas, such as transportation, city services, land use and amenities."

Question: What has been your community involvement or experience to prepare you for the role of City Council?

"I have been on the Environmental Sustainability Committee for 3 years.  We work to educate our citizens on recycling, air quality and water.  I have also served on the board for the Food and Care Coalition in Provo.  We focused our efforts on providing a way for homeless to find shelter and transition to a long term housing solution.  I serve on the board of Heart 2 Home, a non-profit helping families and individuals improve their living conditions.  I also served on the School Community Councils for Lehi Junior High and Skyridge High School."

Why Lehi City Council?


Transparency & Accountability

Economic Prosperity


Looking ahead, we aim to shape a visionary future for Lehi, designed for our children and their children. Our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and unity will be embedded in every aspect. We'll create a legacy that preserves our heritage while embracing progress, cultivating a city known for its vibrant community and forward-thinking initiatives. Join us as we work together to make this vision a reality.

I would like to see more money put towards our parks, recreation and trails. Having these amenities creates a very liveable city for all of us. The PARC tax has helped raise funds and made parks and the arts a priority, it has been a good thing for our city.

I would like to foster sustainable growth and community well-being. Our goal is to lead Lehi's growth in a strategic and sustainable manner, utilizing available and new resources. We'll create recreational spaces, organize activities, and promote events to enhance resident experiences. Financial responsibility will guide us, ensuring taxpayer dollars are used efficiently. Our commitment to competitive wages for First Responders guarantees a safe and friendly community. We'll encourage engagement through city committees and envision a Lehi that enriches the lives of future generations.

I would like to see our access to alternate forms of transportation improved by encouraging accessibility for all citizens via buses, trains, bicycles or walking. We need a diverse range of solutions, we are not going to be able to keep building our way out of the congestion we all deal with. Having various options of transportation will benefit our citizens. We are not going to give up our cars, but having options to not need to take a car to buy a loaf of bread or some milk will help reduce the daily trips we make.


"I am happy to endorse Kenneth Roberts for the city council. Ken’s combination of work experience and love of the community make him a terrific candidate. Through his years of service he has made a huge impact on the lives of those he associates with and truly cares for the future of Lehi city.  He will make a fantastic member of the council."

Jeff Gardner

"I have known Ken for years and we've interacted in many different capacities. Ken has character traits that I have witnessed from the very beginning that I believe will assist him in being a great representative for Lehi. Ken has integrity and he listens without judgement to anything you have to say whether he agrees or not. He is honest. He cares deeply about people and the city he chose to raise his family in. I know Ken will be someone who will represent the voice of Lehi and truly do what's best for the community."

Trent Wilcox

"Ken Roberts is a thoughtful solutions oriented conservative."

Colby Rollins

Ken Roberts

Taking Lehi To New Heights

Image by Brandon Green
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